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Catechetical Formation

Religious Education

Religious Education

At baptism, parents make a solemn promise to raise their child in the Catholic faith.

Thank you for honoring that promise. As you stood at the baptismal font, you also heard the priest or deacon promise that the Church will support you in your child’s learning of the faith. Thank you for choosing to partner with your parish or school to support your child in their faith journey. Even in that partnership, you will remain your child’s most important catechist. By participating in the life of the Church, receiving the sacraments regularly, and connecting with your child about the Catholic faith, you will play an essential role in your child’s religious education and faith formation.

We encourage you to pray at home with your child, attend Mass together, talk about faith and support what your child is learning in school or religious education classes. From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Rights and Duties of Parents